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PIANO LESSONS - what will you learn?
  • Get comfortable at the piano, developing good posture, hand position, finger action - right from the start!
  • Start playing in the five finger position so that music reading becomes intuitive and finger technique develops effortlessly - well almost!
  • Develop confidence, rhythm and sense of style through progressive duet playing: you don't have to be alone!
  • Learn to produce and control tone, not just to play notes
  • Theory follows from practice - learn scales and chords together with reading in different keys and develop ear playing and improvisation through my keyboard musicianship system.
  • Write your own music - why not? I can help transcribe your ideas. developing your theory knowledge in the process: we can produce a professional printed score and record it if you like!
  • More ambitious? Work for exams, diplomas, festivals. As long as you are realistic and committed I will support you all the way.

Look here for the range of alternative approaches I offer.


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